What is the Chicago Century Club?

CHICAGO Century Club was created during the Covid-19 pandemic. For many members it was the first time they had rode a bike in years.

CHICAGO Century Club is for cyclists who want to ride 20 or more miles per ride. Cyclists looking to work towards and to complete 100 miles with a group will enjoy it here.

We provide an avenue for cyclists to explore and support their communities with an emphasis on being socially responsible and promoting businesses and activities in the communities where we live and work.
We will continue to advocate for socially balanced and community themed activities to bring awareness to how cycling can help shape a healthy lifestyle.
Improving your fitness levels and well-being, both physically & and mentally.

We have close to 100 members, with over 50 who have all done a century ride this summer in August. With a few members having done multiple century rides.

This is something none of us every imagined doing when we started riding bikes again.
We are always looking for more members who want to push themselves to new heights riding a bike.
💯 miles, on a bike is what we do!